Thank you for visiting our site. Our names are Mike and Minde. Our story together began about 14 years ago. Mike and I volunteered as missionaries for our church in Richmond, Virginia. We met for the first time in Williamsburg, Virginia but our acquaintance was brief and we didn't establish a relationship. After two years, Mike returned to California and Minde returned to Oregon. In separate states, we spent the next 12 years looking for love. Mike moved to Vancouver, Washington and Minde was living in Portland, Oregon. Several years later we were introduced for a second time at a barbecue. The next day we carpooled to the beach with several friends. We talked the entire way! Mike called Minde the next morning and invited her to walk along the river bank. After a two hour walk and great conversation Minde was hooked. We quickly fell in love. It didn’t take us long to realize that our meeting was a miracle. We wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We are happily married, and completely in love. We always make time for each other. We love to walk in the neighborhood, along the river, or on the beach. We love to take long drives, go camping, ride bikes, hike, and watch the sunsets. We also love date nights, miniature golf, playing games, or dancing in the living room. It doesn’t matter what we do… we do it together! We are very much a team. We laugh a lot and we talk a lot. We believe our coming together was a gift from a loving Heavenly Father that knows us and loved us. Our relationship is forever.


  1. Hey great pics! ;) I hope you find that special little one that will make your hearts full!